How Jeb Bush can show leadership

Incredibly, the worst secretary of state ever, a corrupt politician, a proven liar, and a potential felon married to an impeached former president seeking another go at White House interns will almost certainly be the Democratic Party’s candidate for president.

This means the time has come for Jeb Bush to make a bold decision.

Quit the race.

Bush needs to get out while the getting is good.  He is fifth at 4% according to Quinnipiac and fifth at 8% according to NBC/WSJ.  The Bush campaign is in disarray.  The “Jeb Can Fix It” slogan suggests we need a handyman to solve our problems, not a leader.  Really?  

Here are ten reasons why Jeb Bush should quit the race, and soon.

  1. By presenting Hillary Clinton the National Constitution Center Liberty Medal on 10 September 2013, Bush implicitly acquiesced in the Obama administration’s Benghazi cover-up.  Clinton ads are sure to use Jeb’s glowing words against him during the campaign and make him look ridiculous.  Fix that, Jeb!
  2. Conservative Republicans are more than likely to stay home if Bush is the standard-bearer, to protest the GOP’s decision to run another establishment candidate despite the Romney disaster.  Failing to learn from history is a fatal mistake in politics, especially when there is so much at stake.
  3. The departure of a major figure would convince Republicans polling poorly to follow suit. I have in mind Graham, Jindal, Paraki, Huckabee, Gilmore, Santorum, and even Kasich, Paul, and Fiorina.  They have little or no chance.  Besides, the herd needs to be thinned so a clearer message can emerge.
  4. Jeb can unite the party by throwing his support behind a candidate more likely to win.  Americans would applaud such gracious behavior, which would stand in stark contrast to the me-me-me mantra of the narcissistic Clintons.  Recall that Bill Clinton clung to power despite being impeached, refusing to resign.
  5. A “dynastic” Bush-Clinton contest would obscure the fact that the GOP is really running against the Democrat machine.  The Chicago branch already delivered two disastrous Obama terms and helped elect a senator from Massachusetts president in 1960 whose inexperience almost led to nuclear war with the Soviets.
  6. The Clinton campaign is sure to kick up dust by forcing Jeb to defend his brother’s foreign and/or domestic policies.  Trump already did that during a debate, but in fairly mild form.  It won’t be mild in Clinton’s hands.  Recall that Obama used the “blame Bush” ruse to great effect, echoed by MSM toadies.
  7. Jeb is not a good enough debater to take on Hillary one on one.  He gets flustered, is not fast on his feet, does not have the gift of gab, can sound pompous, can’t deliver zingers, and comes across as dour and humorless.  He also says silly things off the cuff like bragging about his fantasy football score.
  8. Jeb hates campaigning, and it shows.  Watching him address audiences in ads is cringeworthy and brings to mind “methinks the lady doth protest too much.”  He’s a low-key sort of guy (an approach already taken) and has to work extra-hard to convey excitement and conviction.  He looks phony doing it.
  9. Bush is clearly the Clinton campaign’s preferred opponent.  His departure would deprive Grannie’s operatives of a long list of effective talking points, requiring so many untested changes to the playbook that confusion will result.  Confusing the enemy is a highly effective strategy on the battlefield.
  10. The general electorate may well greet a Bush-Clinton contest with a yawn, as yet another chapter in the longstanding feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys.  As such, they won’t see much reason to bother going to the polls.  The GOP, however, can ill afford to risk a low turnout owing to voter apathy.  

Jeb would be doing his party and the country as a whole a service by getting out now.

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