Saudi Cleric describes Islamist paradise as the Mustang Ranch

The most basic rule of psychological warfare is that anything you say can be used against you, and with devastating effect.  When a prominent imam in Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed Defender of the Faith for Sunni Islam as well as the owner of Mecca, describes Paradise as a celestial version of the Mustang Ranch, he makes his entire religion about as credible as Scientology.

If Muslims find the depiction of their Paradise as a whorehouse and Allah as a Mack Daddy offensive, their problem is with Saudi Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana', because these are his words and not ours.  Here is the YouTube video with translation by MEMRI, and also a transcript.

Here is the first screenshot, which reminds me of an ad I saw in Las Vegas a few years ago.

The next screenshot brings to mind "The World Famous Mustang Ranch Pleasure Menu," which I am not going to link because it is decidedly NSFW.  If you want to compare it to the good sheikh's sermon, just Google the indicated phrase to find it.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana's all-knowing and all-powerful deity offers his followers:

The good sheikh seems to have one, or more precisely two, things on his mind.  When Beavis or Butthead can summarize your learned theological sermon in three words (five, if you count the stupid laugh), your religion has a real credibility problem.

Remember, by the way, that the purpose of this article is not primarily to entertain the reader.  Ridicule can be an overwhelming psychological warfare weapon that can reduce the enemy's credibility to nothing with a single decisive blow, and, as shown by the next image, Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana' has left himself and Wahhabi Islam wide open.  Tell me again: is this a religious sermon or a pitch for the Mustang Ranch?

This is even more hilarious, by the way, if you watch the video and listen to him say all this with a straight face.  Who needs to pay to see a Las Vegas stand-up comedy act when you can get this kind of stuff for free?  Listen to comedian Steven Wright, listen to Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana', and see who makes you laugh harder.

The transcript continues, "Allah said that the dwellers of Paradise are busy.  What keeps them busy?  They will be busy tearing hymens."  The Mustang Ranch admittedly can't do that because the women are definitely not virgins, but, with that sole exception, it differs little from Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana's depiction of the Islamic Paradise.

Now that we are done laughing, let's get to the bottom line.  Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana's own words should break the back of militant "Islam" by reducing its afterlife to the status of a common house of prostitution in which its deity is the chief pimp.  Even if the ideology's own followers are so deluded that they cannot recognize this as the farce it is, the ideology cannot survive in an infidel-majority society.  Remember, though, Colonel Paul Linebarger's admonition in his book on psychological warfare.  "To be effective, leaflets must scatter.  Bundles of paper which fall intact make little impact on the enemy [or prospective audience] unless they hit him on the head."  This material does little good if it stays at American Thinker, so take it to your blog, your local paper, and your social networks.

William A. Levinson is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.