Anger, compassion, resolve, commitment

Friday was Paris's worst day since Nazi tanks rolled down the Champs-Élysées.  It was worse than Charlie Hebdo, but it followed the same theme.  Another city has lost control of its life and vitality to a cowardly resident evil breeding across every border in Western Europe. If your first and only emotion after receiving news of the Paris terror attacks has been compassion for the French, then you may be part of the problem.  The global community of countries that espouse freedom, human rights, basic humanity, and civility have done precious little to stop the savages that bring horror to our cities.  Certainly I have compassion for the French as they mourn this tragic event, but I am, at first, angered. Anger.  My first words: "Those dirty bastards."  I am enraged that these inhumane events continue as the most powerful countries of the world analyze the threat and then take half-measures to mitigate it.  Who...(Read Full Post)