The Pope, the Councilwoman, and the Unrepentant Terrorist

Back in 1999, President Bill Clinton committed a brazen, outrageous, and controversial act.  He offered clemency to 16 violent Puerto Rican nationalists, including 12 members of the notorious FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation).  The deadly domestic terrorist group waged a ten-year war of terror against the United States that began in 1974.  They were responsible for more than 130 bombings in numerous American cities, killing six and injuring scores more, including several members of the NYPD.  Their deadliest attack was on the historic Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan on January 24, 1975, where four were killed and 60 injured. It was later discovered that then-deputy attorney general Eric Holder had been advocating for these terrorists' release beginning in 1997, and that First Lady Hillary Clinton's staff thought it might help her among the substantial Puerto Rican vote in New York State in her quest to become a U.S. senator in...(Read Full Post)