Does Hillary personally identify with transgenderism?

"Transgender people are valued[.] ... They are us," Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) intoned, speaking before the  Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the leading group supporting homosexual men, lesbians, bisexuals, "gender fluids," transvestites, and probably more.

The only thing unclear is, who are the "us"?  Mrs. Clinton, who has never been particularly supportive of homosexual marriage or transgender rights, until President Obama changed his mind on these matters, is now striving to portray herself as a longtime supporter of homosexuality.

Mrs. Clinton's attacks on Republicans came with some levity that played well in the crowd assembled in a ballroom at the Mayflower Hotel. "Ted Cruz slammed a political opponent for marching in a pride parade," Mrs. Clinton said. "He clearly has no idea what he's missing."

What is Ted Cruz missing?  Anal sex, AIDS, hepatitis?  Naked men wearing Doberman pinscher masks?  People dressed as erotic ponies, or being whipped or spanked?  I doubt he much misses any of it.  Can we expect to see Mrs. Clinton marching in a gay parade any time soon, wearing a Shetland pony or cocker spaniel mask?

Mrs. Clinton emphasized transgender rights, including urging the military to reverse its policy and allow transgender Americans to serve in the armed forces. Having the world's strongest military, she said, "doesn't just mean having the best-trained forces or the biggest arsenal."

"It means," she added, "being a leader on issues like this."

Mrs. Clinton's priorities are having military men dressed as female soldiers rather than having enough tanks, planes, and ships.  She views the military more as an MTV fashion show than as a vital part of our national defense.

Later, when discussing her Republican opponents, she raised the issue again. "See if you are in a forum with them if you can get them to even say the word 'transgender,'" she said.

I would like to see this, too.  This so-called "transgenderism" is slow sexual tooth decay that is rotting the moral fiber of our children.  Can someone please get the word out to Donald Trump or Ben Carson to talk about this madness so the other candidates can also feel free to speak out against it?  In particular, I'd love to see Jeb Bush pressured to say the word "transgender" like "anchor babies," and then say, "Well, do you have a better word for it?"

Mrs. Clinton also expressed the desire that her granddaughter grow up in a country that will help her become a grandson instead:

"I find myself thinking a lot about the country and the world she'll grow up in – whether it'll be safe and healthy and just," Clinton said. "I want my granddaughter to feel bold and brave and supported enough that she can be who she is, whoever that turns out to be."

Exit question: Does Hillary, who didn't support any of these issues only four years ago, really believe anything she is saying?  Do you think she would really  be delighted if her granddaughter wanted to get herself surgically mangled to "become a boy"?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.

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