Questions for the pope

I am a Catholic, and I have some questions for the pope and the well-known Christians Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. When God created the Heavens and the Earth, were all natural resources in the Earth meant to stay there, or was there another purpose?  Is God more responsible for the climate, or are humans? Did God give humans brains, which allowed them to discover, mine, and develop fossil fuels and other natural resources?  Didn't those inventions improve the quality and length of life for everyone? Why was the Earth warmer and sea levels higher at times before humans and fossil fuels if humans are the cause? Are the poor and middle class better off with lower or higher energy costs? Are we better off using fossil fuels for heat, or would we be better off burning trees? Did God create the process where humans breathe out CO2 and plants essentially breathe out oxygen?  Would God have created the CO2, which is said to be harmful to the Earth and...(Read Full Post)