55, and I am not talking about the speed limit

Speaker Boehner is out, and most conservatives are apparently happy.  

I have mixed feelings, since I think that the problem is a bit more complicated than changing speakers.

I agree that Speaker Boehner could have been more aggressive, especially on Obamacare.  After all, doesn't the House hold the purse strings?

Nevertheless, most bills are tied up in the U.S. Senate or the filibuster.  The House has passed bill after bill repealing Obamacare, but they go nowhere in the Senate.  The late-term abortion bill did not get 60 votes.  The Iran deal got 58, or two short of the magic number.

How can you govern if every bill requires 60%?  Shouldn't elections have some consequences?

Who will replace Speaker Boehner?  I agree with Leon H. Wolf that replacing Boehner with McCarthy will do little.

The answer is for the Senate GOP leadership to take a look at the filibuster rule.  I'm not suggesting that we go 51, but maybe 55 is a more reasonable number.

Good luck to Speaker Boehner.  I just hope that his critics realize that the 60-vote rule is the reason that nothing happens in Washington, D.C.

Fifty-five is not a simple majority, but it will force U.S. Senators to vote more often than they do now.  We've had one president get more than 55% in 31 years, or President Reagan in 1984.  Generally, 55 requires the majority to get some senators from the other party.

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