OPM fingerprint hack 5 times worse than previously thought

The hack of personal information from the Office of Personnel Management is easily the most underreported big story of the year, and a catastrophe that will directly affect our national security for years to come. At first, the OPM admitted that a few million records had been exposed.  Then it become 14 million. Now it's up to 21 million federal employees, contractors, and, in many cases, their families. Social Security numbers, personal medical information, background checks – all have been exposed to the hackers, thought to work for the Chinese government. The agency's original estimate was 1.1 million fingerprints. This is extremely sensitive information that poses an immediate danger to American spies and undercover law enforcement agents. As an OPM spokesman told CNNMoney in July: "It's across federal agencies. It's everybody." Hackers now have a gigantic database of American government employee fingerprints that can be used to...(Read Full Post)