Angry Germans torch 'migrant' housing

Angry Germans with torches in the streets is about as unpleasant a memory as can be (for those who have memories of the last century’s history).  But we are seeing them once again, as Europeans expected to quietly pay their taxes and host a never-ending wave of Muslims moving in among them complete with generous welfare payments are revolting.

An article from German news agency MDR, translated by Google Translate (apologies for the awkward English) and posted by Overpasses for America, tells a story the American media does not want you to know about:

In the district of Rostock and in Baden-Württemberg Wertheim houses were set on fire, soon should move refugees into. In Saxony Freital there was an attack on a refugee housing and cars in Brandenburg an Flüchtlingsinitiative were lighted. But one was injured.

In a planned emergency shelter for refugees in the Baden-Württemberg Wertheim an arson attack has been perpetrated apparently. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the city on Sunday morning.

The pictures are clearer than the auto-translated words:

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman