When Is a Debate Not Really a Debate?

If Wednesday night is a precursor of the debates to come; I say, “No thanks.”  The first Republican presidential candidate debate hosted by Fox News was bad enough. In the aftermath of who won, who scored, who delivered the best cleverly scripted one-liner, and which candidate exited the stage having done him/herself no favors, doesn’t the viewing public deserve to watch a real debate? The disingenuous format of the CNN debate prompted a boorish, often times irrelevant exchange of insults amongst the candidates. Quite frankly, it was tedious to watch the CNN network moderators framing each question beginning with, ________________ (insert candidate’s name) recently said ________________ (insert comment).  “What say you?”  Enough of the "He said, She said,” format!   That’s not a debate, it’s an inglorious gotcha moment, providing numerous opportunities for interruptions, in addition to...(Read Full Post)