Joe Blow on the Second Republican Debate

Having disrupted the evening of a neighbor who still actually owns a cable-connected TV, here's Joe Blow’s instant analysis of Wednesday’s second Republican presidential-candidate "debate":

● Trump didn't help himself much, but he didn't hurt himself either.

● Bush is now total toast.

● Carson's suit sucked, and that humble thing didn't work out too well for him anyway.

● Fiorina didn't get a chance to do what she does best, but she got some good exposure.

● Paul just ought to forget the whole thing and quit embarrassing himself.

● Walker's still an overeager Boy Scout Troop Leader (except he now looks, once in awhile, a little like somebody's poking a weenie roasting wand up his hindquarters).

● Kasich looked exactly like the washed up old establishment RINO he really is (ugh).

● The spectacle totally marginalized Cruz.

● Rubio was a standout (but he'll never overcome his immigration baggage).

● Christie was actually appealing for a change, and he's lost some weight too.

● Huckabee looked like a genuine guy you can actually trust. (Hell of a name for a president though.)

So, in Joe Blow's opinion, the winners were Rubio, Christie, and Huckabee -- simply because they used the "debate" (better than the others did) to actually improve their impressions.

And, after all, that's all these media-moderated political burlesques are about anyway.

Anyhow, it was cool all eleven candidates could stand upright in the same place for three hours. Notice the “moderators” were all sitting down.  What, talking heads have bum legs?

As for the female on the new ten-dollar bill, Joe Blow’s vote goes to Irma La Douche, Cupcakes Cassidy, or Blaze Star. What, are they kidding? Why do we need a new ten-dollar bill, and what’s that got to do with who should be the Chief Executive of the United States? There ain't much you can do with a ten-dollar bill anymore anyway, and soon it won’t even get you out of a Starbucks in the morning. So why not stick Janet Yellen on the damn thing? After all, it’s just Federal Reserve funny money. And if they put Rosa Parks on there, it ain’t going into my non-PC wallet.  

As for any candidate’s “Secret Service name,” how about just plain old Joe Blow? What the hell’s that got to do with presidential debates anyhow?

And whoever that liverish female "moderator" was, somebody needs to take her out and get her a good bottle of Montepulciano and a big plate of pasta. Oh, Dana Bash? Sounds about right.

The long and short of the RINO cabal's dileema is that it can't now afford to ditch -- and won't ditch -- Bush, but he's ditching himself (and Boehner and McConnell’s old-boy congressional weasels right along with himself). And who wants the third Republican president during the last quarter- century to be another godforsaken Bush anyway? Stupid move, Priebus. Wasn’t Bob Dole available?

Kasich's the only RINO fallback, and he's way worse than even Bush.

Scott Walker ain't ever gonna catch up again. He worked out pretty well in Wisconsin, and that's where he's gonna stay.

Paul needs to vamoose pronto.

You gotta love Carson, but who wants Jesus for President?

Cruz is still the only ethically steadfast conservative in the bunch; but that's the kiss of death for the RINOs, and Cruz just doesn't have the star power to outbully them.

So at least Rubio, Christie, and Huckabee are gonna hang in there for awhile, and all three did themselves some good Wednesday night.

Fiorina’s a wait and see; but, if she ever gets into anything like an actual debate of any substance with any of these guys, she's gonna stomp them all.

That leaves Trump. He’s not gonna fade like the ruling class hopes he will because he's the ultimate political-correctness antidote. There’s a ton of browbeaten middle-class traditionalists out here who’re fed up with having equalitarian collectivism arrogantly hammer them into dirigiste submission. And that's all political correctness is: an Alinskyite club with which to beat into sullen silence anyone who disagrees with the radical Left's dystopian agenda.

Actually, the silent majority's growing sullenness is the only good thing that almost eight otherwise insufferable years of Barack Obamaism have accomplished.

So that's why Trump -- whoever and whatever else he may be -- is gonna be in there right to the end and why he may even emerge wearing the crown. There are just too many Joe Blows out here singing (à la Johnny Paycheck), "Take this political correctness and shove it; it ain't working here no more." Me, for one.

And Hillary Clinton? Unless the DNC gets some gonads and tells Hillary to check herself into a hospital, the next President of the United States is gonna be a Republican.

And Trump might just be the kind of heavyweight mover and shaker who can use the bully pulpit to so stoke up all us Joe Blows out here that the warren of professional political easels we call a Congress would have no alternative but to cave in and start making silent-majority change happen.