War on women? 'Say si si' in Cuba!

A week after Secretary Kerry saw the U.S. flag go up in Havana, the Castro regime is not changing at all.  It's still the same island we knew last December, except that a U.S. flag watches Cubans get pushed around for simply expressing themselves.

Las Damas en Blanco, or the Ladies in White, continue to be harassed in Cuba, as reported by Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand:

For the last 12 years, these brave women have held peaceful street demonstrations every Sunday after church. Armed with only a single flower in one hand, they march for the freedom of political prisoners, justice, and peace.

How do you think the Cuban government has reacted? This bloodthirsty dictatorship, which some people still cynically praise, has responded with further repression, threats, and arbitrary arrests.

So, while you rest with your families each Sunday, and deservingly so, remember that these brave, defenseless women continue to be assaulted, threatened, arrested, and forcefully taken to what was previously a José Martí pioneer camp, now converted into a detention center.

We are not calling on the U.S. government to invade Cuba and throw out the regime. 

We are calling on President Obama and Secretary Kerry to say something and call on the Cuban government to stop it.  Is that so difficult to do?  Whom are they afraid of offending?  The Castro brothers, who are now demanding money from the U.S.?

Also, where is the Congressional Black Caucus?  About half of these women are Afro-Cubans.   

Where are NOW and Hollywood?  It would be nice to see some artists go to Cuba and walk with these ladies.

Most of all, where is President Obama?  Where is he when this kind of repression is happening in the island?

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