Obama unbound

The president’s major domestic objective, as stated in his 2013 State of the Union address, was to focus on job creation and revive a “rising, thriving middle class.”  The president said that job creation would be the “North Star” of his administration.

His “North Star”?  The president needs a new compass.

What the president has actually done through the government agencies he controls is stifle business:

New Environmental Protection Agency regulations to slash carbon emissions 30% by 2030 will have a devastating effect on factory jobs. A study by the Heritage Foundation found that this regulation by itself would cost each American $7,000 in income while killing 500,000 factory jobs and 45% of all coal-industry jobs.

Since Obama took office, thousands of new regulations have gone into effect. In 2012, regulation cost the U.S. economy about $2 trillion, or 12% of GDP. And manufacturers have been hit hardest. The average factory today spends $19,564 per worker to comply with regulations. For small manufacturers, it's bigger: $34,671 per worker.

But wait, there’s more.  In order to grow the ranks of the middle class, HUD is preparing to relocate inner-city welfare families to the suburbs.  What a stroke of genius!  To swell the ranks of the middle class, just swell the population of middle-class suburbs.  It is so obvious.  Why didn’t the rest of us think of that?

And then there is the initiative to improve K12, especially for black students.  The connection between jobs and education should be obvious to anyone.  So to start with, in 2012, Obama signed an executive order entitled the "African American Education Initiative."  Here is an account of the consequences of that initiative, which basically “gives a green light for black students to misbehave in public schools.”  That should certainly improve the upward mobility of blacks and swell the ranks of the middle class!

To top it off, consider the president’s immigration initiatives.  While talking as if he supports putting an end to illegal immigration, his policy initiatives have all been to curtail enforcement of border security, hamper deportation, and make further prosecution of employers and importers of illegals almost impossible.

The Administration's intimidation of state and local governments determined to enforce federal immigration laws. President Obama has turned the Department of Justice into the Administration's attack dog, filing lawsuits against states that pass their own immigration enforcement laws. When lawsuits fail, the Department's Civil Rights division launches meritless investigations designed to harass local governments and officials who attempt to enforce the law.

The Administration's dependence on illegal alien advocates to make U.S. immigration policy for the Executive Branch. President Obama has placed strident amnesty advocates in key positions throughout his Administration. These appointees have worked openly with advocacy groups to shape a series of policies that amount to backdoor amnesty.

With 400,000 anchor babies a year and illegals numbering somewhere in the 15 million range, the situation is totally out of control.  But Obama seems blithely unconcerned.  It is as if our North Star navigator deems the influx of illegals and the anchor baby mess to be a means to swell the ranks of the middle class.

The disconnect between his policy objectives and his policy initiatives is not simply astounding; it is troubling.  Taking actions that patently defeat one’s objectives?  It is beginning to seem to be almost a derangement of some sort.  Either that or, as the conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer maintains, it is deliberate.