Trumping The Donald on affirmative action

Racial discrimination against whites and Asians, also known as affirmative action, is just fine with Donald Trump.  On Meet the Press last week, he stated, "I lived with it for a long time. And I've had great relationships with lots of people. So I'm fine with it."

Apparently The Donald's personal experiences with affirmative action have gone well, so it is good public policy.  The fact that an immigrant, legal or not, who comes from a Spanish-speaking country is given a preference over white and Asian-American citizens is just fine with him.  It hasn't inconvenienced him, so what's the problem?

According to the hand-wringing by the Church Ladies of the right, Trump is all about Bonapartism and National Socialism.  But Trump is apolitically egotistical.  If it's good for Trump, it's good for the country.  That's his politics.  That's all of his politics.

Barack Obama has all but told the white working class that they are politically expendable.  He has consciously chosen to advance the interests of blacks and Hispanics at the expense of whites.  Affirmative action is the tip of the iceberg, and whites are aware of it.  Republicans are becoming the white working man's party because the Democrats don't want them.

Do the Republicans?  Perhaps not.  According to Ben Domenech, appeals to the self-interest of working whites pave the road to political irrelevancy.  The Republican Party would fade into oblivion if it followed such a course.

Or perhaps not.  All across the South, the Democrats are, de facto, the party of blacks, Hispanics, and gentry liberals, while the Republicans are the white party.  As a result, the Democratic Party has become largely irrelevant.  Even in Arkansas, with only 16% of its population black, Democrats have been all but wiped out.  This phenomenon is spreading north, into Tennessee and Kentucky.  If working-class whites in Middle America follow the lead of their southern counterparts, and feel that their interests are being advanced by the Republicans, the electoral map turns bright red.

When Trump called out the elites on anchor babies and criminal illegals, he touched a nerve.  All he had to do was tell the truth.  And on affirmative action, another candidate has the same opportunity.  There is a weak case for discriminating in favor of American blacks as a form of reparations.  But the only justification for Hispanic affirmative action is the promotion of diversity.  This is too weak a reed to support blatant racial discrimination.

The Demise of the White Man has been celebrated by the left as a great leap forward.  Demographics is destiny, we're told, and whites are just going to have to live with it.  But if they descend into a shrinking minority, whites will behave much as any other minority group.  They will coalesce around their own self-interest.  They will form alliances with like-minded minorities, such as Asians and Hispanics who consider themselves white.  Those who suggest that such behavior is European blood-and-soil racism don't understand white Americans.  They don't want to discriminate against anybody.  They just don't want to feel like second-class citizens in the country their ancestors founded and built.  They are patriotic not because they're white and this is a country for whites.  Being an American has never had anything to do with race or ethnicity.  Ben Carson is beloved on the right, and seen as a potential president.  Nobody cares what color he is.  Clarence Thomas is the strongest conservative on the Supreme Court.  He's our guy.  Oh, he's black.  So what?

The world of disparate impact, forced diversity, and government intrusiveness is anathema to working-class whites.  It is a system soaked in corruption, hypocrisy, and lies.

There are sixteen Republicans running for president not named Trump.  Do any of them have courage?  Or do they all fear the wrath of George Will, the Church Lady in Chief?

Fritz Pettyjohn is a former Alaska state legislator and a co-founder of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force.  He blogs at