Reince Priebus embraces Trump with the enthusiasm of an ISIS hostage

Do you ever see those hostage videos where the hostages say nice things about their captors, but from their demeanor and tone, it looks forced?  That's how RNC chairman Reince Priebus looked when he went on TV to say how great Donald Trump is  for the party:

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus says he thinks Donald Trump is a "net positive" for his party.

During a TV interview on WISN's "Upfront" this weekend in Milwaukee, Priebus, who has previously asked Trump to tone down his remarks on immigration, now says the "Trump show" is a good thing for the GOP.

"It brings a lot of interest in the Republican field. I think it's a net positive for everybody and I think it's an indicator that there's a lot of folks out there who are sick and tired of Washington and Trump has tapped into that," Priebus said. "When you have 30 million people watching [the first GOP debate], not to mention the fact that we have 16 other incredible candidates out there, I think we are showing America that we are the young, diverse party, offering a whole slew of options for people and that's a good thing."

Republican insiders hate Donald Trump with a passion, perhaps even more than they hate Ted Cruz, if that's possible.  Priebus, an insider from Wisconsin who no doubt would prefer another candidate who would not rock the boat on issues such as anchor babies, has no choice but to make nice with Donald Trump because of Trump's leading position in the polls.  The hostage metaphor is very appropriate because, for the moment, the GOP establishment is hostage to Trump's popularity.  I can imagine a video of Priebus holding up a newspaper to show us the date, and then saying woodenly, "Donald Trump is good for the party.  There has never been better," as he anxiously looks at someone off-camera.

It is comical watching GOP insiders, who leak bile and hatred anonymously on an almost daily basis to websites such as Politico, saying in public how much they love The Donald.  You can be sure they will turn on him the first chance they get.

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