The Morality of Mass Deportation

Recently, a number of conservative writers and commentators, including Charles Krauthammer, have condemned the "mass" deportation of illegal immigrants as immoral. Of course, the deportation of illegal immigrants also involves legal and economic issues, but the arguments regarding these issues have been ably made elsewhere by advocates on both sides. The issue here is morality. When declaring that such deportations are immoral, the advocates of this position have more often than not simply made the declaration, and then failed to explain how exactly such deportations are immoral. The word "mass" is being deliberately used to incite an emotional response: mass murder is horrific, mass rape is horrific, so advocates are cleverly using the word "mass" in place of any coherent argument to back up their claim. Basically, the word "mass" is being used to try to silence those who oppose the lenient policies regarding illegal immigration, such as...(Read Full Post)