The differences in Democrat, Republican, and Iranian negotiating styles

Let me demonstrate. First, here is how our leadership negotiated with Iran over the nuke deal. Kerry: "We want open inspections at any time." Iran: "With ten days' notice." Kerry: "We can agree to only one day's notice." Iran: "Then we want 15 days' notice." Kerry: "Okay, we see your point.  Five days' notice." Iran: "Twenty days." Kerry: "Okay, we will give you 15 days, but we name the inspectors." Iran: "If you want to name the inspectors, it will be 30 days' notice." Kerry: "Okay, 20 days and our own inspectors." Iran: "We get to pick the inspectors, and we'll compromise to 28 days' notice." Kerry: "Okay, we agree, but only 22 days' notice." Iran: "Twenty-four days' notice, and none of the inspectors can be American." Kerry: "Okay, but we don't release any of your $130...(Read Full Post)