Dem Congressman calls for merger with Mexico?

Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke is calling for the border fence around El Paso to be removed, and he seems to be calling for America to be merged with Mexico.

“I’m really embarrassed by the fence,” O’Rourke told The Huffington Post. “We are the largest truly binational community in the world and our connection is our strength. Any attempt to divide that or separate it, especially with this awful fence the East Germans would be ashamed of, is the wrong way to go.”

O'Rourke calls the U.S. and Mexico a "binational community."  He wants the border fence taken down.  It sounds like he wants America and Mexico to become one country.  What else does a "binational community" mean?

You may think this is just the comments of one crackpot congressman, but this is important.  This is a first: the first time a federally elected official has called for this.  You may think it's impossible, but it isn't.  Look at Europe, where each country gave up some of its sovereignty to be subservient to the European Union, and look what is happening there.

I believe we are seeing the first trial balloon for a greater political integration between Mexico and America.  Right now, only one Democrat is calling for it.  In a year it will be a handful.  Then before long it will be all Democrats, and Republicans will support it silently because the Chamber of Commerce tells them to.

That is how support for amnesty started.  Democrats used to be afraid to support it openly.  At first it was supported by a small fringe, and then, as the media spent years promoting it, it became mainstream.  This could well be the beginning of an attempt to push us into a political union with Mexico.

If you think about it, amnesty starts us in that direction.  If we take in 20 or 30 million Mexican citizens, we are effectively starting to merge the two countries.  After all, without them, we are told, we would have no one to clean our toilets.

How long will it be before the media starts pushing this in earnest?  How long will it be before it becomes "racist" to speak against the political union of America and Mexico?

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