The differences in Democrat, Republican, and Iranian negotiating styles

Let me demonstrate.

First, here is how our leadership negotiated with Iran over the nuke deal.

Kerry: "We want open inspections at any time."

Iran: "With ten days' notice."

Kerry: "We can agree to only one day's notice."

Iran: "Then we want 15 days' notice."

Kerry: "Okay, we see your point.  Five days' notice."

Iran: "Twenty days."

Kerry: "Okay, we will give you 15 days, but we name the inspectors."

Iran: "If you want to name the inspectors, it will be 30 days' notice."

Kerry: "Okay, 20 days and our own inspectors."

Iran: "We get to pick the inspectors, and we'll compromise to 28 days' notice."

Kerry: "Okay, we agree, but only 22 days' notice."

Iran: "Twenty-four days' notice, and none of the inspectors can be American."

Kerry: "Okay, but we don't release any of your $130 billion until you comply."

Iran: "We don't sign unless you immediately release our funds."

Kerry: "Okay, you get your money, but we want you to stop saying 'Death to America.'"

Iran: "Pay us first; then we see."

Kerry: "Okay, agreed.  Do we have an agreement?"

Iran: "Yes, agreed.  Let's sign."

Kerry: "Thanks!  Great work, everyone!  We're signed!"

Iran: "I want your watch, John."

Kerry: "Okay, here's my Rolex."

One day later, Kerry to the press: "We got the best deal possible; the only other option was no deal.  Anyone have the correct time?"

Two days later, Iran: "Death to America!"

Three days later, Republicans to Democrats in Congress: "We need to discuss the border issue and the flood of immigrants."

Democrats: "We'll shut down the government and blame it on you!"

Republicans: "Oh, oh, sorry!  We're okay with a path to citizenship.  Where do we sign?"

So the Iranians wipe the floor with our negotiating team, led by a Democrat administration.  And that same Democrat administration can cow the Republican majority in both houses with just a sentence.  It is pretty bad when the Republicans who hold the majority can be defeated at every turn by the minority party that couldn't make a deal with Iran when the U.S. held most of the cards going in.

So who is the weak link here?