NYT columnist faults Netanyahu

NY Times columnist Roger Cohen serves up a fiery piece against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “doomsday pitch” on Iran’s threat to Israel and Bibi’s chutzpah of “intervening in American politics” (“Iran and American Jews” page A23). Cohen’s vituperations have a familiar ring.  Back in the 1930s, there also was a world statesman who sounded the alarm against an existential threat – and was also roundly ridiculed for peddling doomsday warnings.  His name was Winston Churchill.  So Cohen’s tirades have a worthy pedigree – however unintended. There is one point – and only one – in Cohen’s piece that stands up to close examination: American Jews are divided about the Iran nuclear agreement. As for his side, Cohen is definitely in the “pro” column in support of the Iran deal.  But he hurts his own cause with loads of vitriol aimed at Netanyahu and...(Read Full Post)