New York prison break demonstrates dangers of gun control

The escape of two convicted murderers from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York State has dominated national news headlines for over a week.  As of this writing, the escapees have been on the lam for nine days, eluding hundreds of New York State troopers and cops from numerous other agencies. Nine days is a very long time for anyone to be out in the elements of the remote Adirondack woodlands, and it’s an especially long time for two cons unfamiliar with the region with no food, outdoor clothing, water, shelter, or survival gear. The fact that the cops have not captured the escapees in nine days is also very frightening for local residents in the sparsely populated area.  It’s quite reasonable to assume that the two convicted murders would steal, rob, kill, and take hostages to avoid going back to prison.  But should the residents find themselves accosted by the escaped cons, they will be rendered nearly defenseless under state law. While the...(Read Full Post)