China's hi-tech stealth-hunter technology revealed

The comforting assumption that the U.S. can rely on a technological advantage to counter China’s aggressive push in Asia may need some re-thinking.  Popular Science presents pictures and descriptions of Divine Eagle, a high-altitude/low observable drone that serves as a platform for multiple radar and other detection systems that could identify and target the stealth aircraft that make up an essential component of American military strategy.  Loitering at high altitudes for long periods of time, these aircraft could demolish the promise of stealth technology. While the Divine Eagle reportedly first flew in February 2015, filtered photos of the UAV have only now emerged on the Chinese Internet (filtering photos to blur visual details is one way Chinese Internet denizens avoid censorship). The timing is notable. Coming shorty after the release of the first Chinese defense White Paper calling for Chinese military expeditionary capabilities and high profile...(Read Full Post)
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