Ben Carson's plan for low-income single mothers is same-old, same-old

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart's Alex Swoyer, presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson announced his plan to help the country’s 4.1 million single-mother families

"There are so many young women giving birth out of wedlock and when that happens their education stops and the kid is four times more likely to grow up in poverty," Carson said.

Exactly what is Carson's plan to stop the generational cycle of single-mother families living in poverty?

I think the best way is for the community to create daycare opportunities, so she can go back and get her GED, her associates degree, her bachelors, her masters, whatever – become independent and teach that to her children – unless you do that, it keeps snowballing, which it has been for the last few decades.

Many high schools and state colleges across the country already have on-site daycare for their single-mother students.  Is Carson suggesting a broader national initiative, similar to Obama’s proposed $80-billion expansion of child-care subsidies for low-income families?

The number of single mothers raising children under the age of 18 over the last 50 years has skyrocketed.  As a result, federal educational grants, jobs programs, and tuition aid offered specifically to single mothers have increased.  Now the question is: will access to free daycare decrease out-of-wedlock births, or will it open the floodgates even wider?

Instead of letting the local community and federal agencies deal with the millions of poverty-stricken single mothers after they've hopped into the sack, why not address the root cause: sleeping around?

As a neurosurgeon, would Carson diagnose an operable brain tumor and then proceed to treat the symptoms sans surgery?

For the last 40 years, the term "single mother" is used as if it were akin to sainthood.  Okay, some single mothers deserve it.  They work and struggle to raise children on their own because of a justifiable divorce or death.

But many low-income single mothers spread their legs for any wandering sperm donor, get pregnant, and then hop on Uncle Sam's gravy train.  The government then becomes the primary funding agent of this pornification of American men and women.  From kindergarten up, public schools assure kids there's no downside to having indiscriminate sex.  Taxpayers will foot the bill.

So after years of government programs incentivizing promiscuity and single motherhood, is Carson seriously suggesting that the "best way" out is more daycare? 

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