Washington Post on 'best states' for women in America

The Washington Post had an article about the best states for women to live in, and it immediately confused me.  What does that mean, best states for women to live in?  Could some states be better for women than men to live in, and vice versa?  And what criteria did they use?  Did they try to measure the Nordstrom-to-women ratio in each state?  Or the number of different kinds of pocketbooks in each major metropolitan area?  Or did they measure how short skirts were and try to correlate that with happiness? No. Instead, one way they ranked the states was by how many female legislators they had.  This is based on the weird theory that only women can represent women's interests.  Conversely, if true, the more women there are in a legislature, the worse it must be for men, so the best states for women must be the worst states for men, right? They also measured states based on the paid leave laws in the state, with states having more...(Read Full Post)