New York Times: Eating food aggravates drought

For a long time now, the liberal media has waged a propaganda campaign to make you feel guilty for using electricity, claiming that the planet is melting because of imaginary global warming.  Now we are moving on to phase 2: since much of our food is grown in California, and since California is experiencing a drought (which has happened repeatedly over thousands of years), and since growing food uses a lot of water, by eating food, the New York Times wants you to feel guilty for causing the drought in California.


California farmers produce more than a third of the nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts. To do that, they use nearly 80 percent of all the water consumed in the state. It is the most stubborn part of the crisis: To fundamentally alter how much water the state uses, all Americans may have to give something up.

You see?  That's what's it's all about.  You have to "give up" your lifestyle, your standard of living.  You are now evil if you consume foods that take a lot of water to create.  To help you with your new self-imposed guilt, the Times produced a colorful chart showing how much water different kinds of food require.  It even labels food groups "guzzlers," to hammer in the point that if you dare to eat them, you are selfishly wasting global resources.

Two ounces of rice require 15 gallons of water.  A single egg is 18 gallons.  Three mandarin oranges require 42 gallons.  A glass of milk, 55 gallons.  Less than two ounces of beef require 86 gallons of water!  How selfish you are if you eat meat!

Now, responsible people eat things like garlic cloves.  Six garlic cloves require only a single gallon of water.  The same for six celery sticks.  Eight artichoke leaves are also only a gallon.

This is what the lib media is all about.  They want to control everything you do, and that includes eating and drinking.  There are only a couple of things missing from this analysis:

1) How much water does an illegal alien use?  There is a stunning disconnect between welcoming illegal aliens by the millions and ignoring the costs, only one of which is additional water use.

2) How much water do protected fish use?  Water in California is used to protect certain kinds of fish while leaving farms dry.  I don't have figures, but common sense indicates that it must be millions of gallons of water.  That's a lot more than a few strip steaks.

3) How much water does government use?  Again, there are no figures, but when they still keep watering vegetation on the side of highways, even in the rain, it suggests a lot of waste.

4) How much water is available globally?  There may be a shortage in California, but there is plenty in other places, places that can also grow food.

5) How much water would be created if we built new dams, which we haven't done for decades because of wacko environmentalists?

6) How much water does it take to create newspapers, which are created from tree farms?  No answer to that question, either?

I have a routine when I blog in the evening – before I start writing, I eat a thick steak nearly every night (cost: 600 gallons of water) with rice (15 gallons or more!), and I usually have a big, a supersized orange with it (cost: 20 gallons).  Then, after I finish writing my articles for the evening, sometimes I have ice cream (50 gallons of water or more!).

It's a very satisfying lifestyle, and I have no plans to change it.

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