US suffering from massive equality of rich and poor

Propaganda is about telling a good story. So when the media wants to tell a story of how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, they ignore inconvenient facts, such as the value of the various federal, state, and local transfer payments as well as the value of charitable contributions from private groups such as soup kitchens. That would interfere with the story that is needed to justify higher taxes and higher spending. But if you look not at income but material wealth, the story gets worse, but in an opposite way. By examining material possessions we find that the gap between the rich and poor is actually alarmingly small. Let's look at a few categories: Transportation. Rich people have cars. But many poor people have them too. Airfare has become cheap enough that the vast majority of Americans can afford to fly across the country. In the old days the rich had horses and buggies, but the poor had only one option: to walk. Food: For thousands of...(Read Full Post)