US Institute of Peace creates world peace for only $110,000 a day!

I know a bargain when I see one. So when I read that the US Institute of Peace, which receives direct funding of $40 million a year and perhaps more indirectly, promotes world peace, I have to be amazed. World peace, for only 40 million dollars? What a bargain!!!!

Here's what the 40 million a year buys:

o The USIP brought tribes together in Iraq and brokered the peace there. As a result, Iraq is now totally at peace. Years of bloodshed have ended because of the USIP as Sunnis and Shi'ites have learned to live in peace after thousands of years of bloodshed.

o The USIP created a taskforce on genocide which issued a report. That was the last we ever heard of genocide. Killings on a mass scale in Nigeria, Syria, and of course Iraq are now a thing of the past.

o The USIP trained hundreds of citizens to be peacemakers in Nigeria, which explains why the Boko Haram have had no success there.

o The USIP partnered with an Afghan University to hone conflict resolution skills, which is largely responsible for the defeat of the Taliban. When Afghans learned they could resolve conflicts peacefully, the Taliban simply collapsed.

o The USIP hosted Twitter chats which have brought peace to war torn Libya. Rebels reading tweets on their mobile phones were persuaded to give up the fight.

o The USIP brought peace in Somalia by creating diversity manuals for Somali schools. Remember the mess Somalia used to be, with radical Islamic warlords slaughtering people left and right? Well, problem solved!

What a great expenditure of taxpayer money. I don't even mind the enormous palace-like structure they are building for their headquarters, at taxpayer expense.

And I really love the name, "Institute of Peace". It reminds me of the "Ministry of Love" from the book 1984. Peace, Love, who could be against any of these things? It's great to see the government working effectively with our tax dollars on the important issues of the day, and to be inspired by such great thinkers as George Orwell.

(sarcasm: off)

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