Step aside Justices, let Obama Care Fail

We are supposed to hear from the Supreme Court about the fate of ObamaCare. We hear that the justices could pull the plug by ruling on the subsidies. God only knows what the justices will decide. Frankly, I hope that they do nothing because ObamaCare is falling apart on its own as Michelle Malkin wrote this week: While private health insurance exchanges have operated smoothly and satisfied customers for decades, the Obamacare models are on life support. Oregon's exchange is six feet under -- shuttered last year after government overseers squandered $300 million on their failed website and shady consultants who allegedly set up a phony website to trick the feds. The FBI and the U.S. HHS inspector general's office reportedly have been investigating the racket for more than a year now. In the People's Republic of Hawaii, which has been a "trailblazer" of socialized medicine for nearly four decades, the profligate state-run exchange demanded a...(Read Full Post)