Who should be excluded from the Republican debates?

We all know that if the Republican debates include all the declared candidates that it's going to be a circus. Each candidate will only get to speak for a few minutes and we won't learn much. We'd learn more if the debates were limited to the candidates who had the greatest chance of getting the nomination.

Here are the most realistic candidates--not the best candidates, but the ones who have at least a chance to win the nomination:

Scott Walker: Current governor of Wisconsin, an inspirational speaker, riding high in several polls.

Jeb Bush: Former governor of Florida, he's been out of politics for years--but he's a Bush! Out of politics for a while, but building a huge war chest, and also doing OK in the polls.

Ted Cruz: He's raised a lot of money in a short period of time, he excites audiences, and he's an intellectual powerhouse with a great record of accomplishment.

Marco Rubio: Young, telegenic, Hispanic, and has a billionaire bankrolling him. Supports amnesty for illegal aliens, but no one is perfect!

Rand Paul: He excites crowds and has important supporters like Mitch McConnell. Not a fringe candidate like his Dad.

And here are candidates who have virtually no chance to be nominated, and shouldn't take up time in the debates:

Bobby Jindal: Governor of Louisiana. A very smart guy. Also a very somnolent one. He has no charisma. He will never be nominated.

Linsey Graham: Senator from South Carolina. He's too far left to be nominated. 

Ben Carson: All recent past presidents have held political office, or won major wars. Carson doesn't have the resume.

Mike Huckabee: Hasn't held office for eight years. Didn't do very well when he ran in 2008. Sells quack "cures" for diabetes. Not presidential material.

Rick Santorum: Hasn't held in office in eight years, not since he was defeated for reelection in Pennsylvania. His time has come and gone.

Carly Fiorina: Has a very impressive resume: she's female! But beyond that, not much. Headed HP with mixed results, ran for office once and lost, never lifted a finger for Republicans before, during, and probably after.

Rick Perry: Very experienced former governor of Texas, but came off like a bumbler the last time he tried--couldn't even remember the departments he wanted to cut.

Chris Christie: Too tainted by the bridge scandal to be nominated. Besides, the Chamber of Commerce already has a candidate (Jeb).

John Kasich: Governor of Ohio, expanded Obamacare in his state, too liberal to be nominated.

Donald Trump: Has no political experience. No one takes seriously, especially with that hair.

In a perfect world, it would just be a debate with the top five who have a chance of being nominated--Walker, Bush, Rubio, Cruz, and Paul.

What we're going to get instead is a circus.

This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.