Provoking Peace with Jihadists?

On Friday, 29 May, 2015, the “Freedom of Speech Rally, Round 2,” event was held in Phoenix, AZ, and the counter-protest that accompanied it.  The event included a “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” contest in response to the one held in Garland, TX, earlier in the month.  News images of counter protestors included signs brandished phrases like, “Love thy Neighbor” and “Provoke Peace.”  One has to wonder what exactly they meant by, “Provoke Peace.”  The sign-bearers appear to be of the ilk whose spectrum of intellect reaches to the breadth of, “Mean People Suck,” and, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”  They were imploring, “Don’t Provoke Violence.”  “WWJD?”  A cursory overview of the New Testament will answer that.  The Prince of Peace came here to establish peace between God and man, by dying for the sins of the entire World,...(Read Full Post)