Ebola still going strong in Liberia

Back in early March, the mainstream media was excitedly publishing stories about Liberia purportedly discharging its last Ebola patient and awaiting formal "Ebola-free" status.  Of course, back in mid-January, the major outlets were also reporting that Liberia "aims to be Ebola-free by end-February." How wrong they all were. In Canada, we were even witness to the bizarre publication of an opinion piece in a national newspaper by a prospective university student from Liberia who requested that Prime Minister Stephen Harper lift Canada's Ebola-related travel ban from West African countries.  Somehow it seems like a bad idea to place Canadian citizens at risk from a disease with a nearly 50-percent fatality rate and tens of thousands of victims just so a few foreign students from the afflicted area can enrol in post-secondary courses in Canada.  The cost of a single Ebola scare in a developed nation, never mind an actual case of Ebola, far...(Read Full Post)