State Department picks envoy to promote homosexuality

The State Department has picked an envoy to promote homosexuality around the world.

In February, veteran U.S. diplomat Randy Berry was named to the carefully titled position of America’s “special envoy for the human rights of LGBT persons[.]” ...

Although there was a Democratic-led effort in Congress in 2014 to pass a bill requiring State to designate an LGBT envoy, the Obama administration ultimately decided to create the position on its own.

How unsurprising! One thing you have to say about the Obama administration, they're entirely consistent!

One of the big lies we're fed about homosexuality is that all this activism is about promoting tolerance.  This appointment shows just another example of how tolerance has turned into activism.

Will the envoy on homosexual rights coordinate his activities with the envoy on heterosexual rights?  Or will he work with the envoy for Christianity, who is working to protect the thousands of Christians who are slaughtered every year by radical Muslims in the Middle East?  Will he also work with the envoy for capitalism to promote free-market economic growth in the Third World?

Wait, there are no envoys for these subjects, are there?  People are being slaughtered all over the world, and the State Department decides to create an envoy for human rights for one particular group.

What important work will be done by Mr. Berry?  Will he open up a dialogue with all the transgendered ayatollahs in Iran?  Will he make sure that transvestite prostitutes on the streets of Caracas receive equal pay for equal work?  Will he talk about the need for more people to come out of the closet in North Korea?  Will he open up a "back channel" to the Taliban?  You see, his whole appointment is a mockery of the important work that should be done by the State Department, if it were doing its job (and mostly, it's not).

Instead, it's all about politics.  This ideology works to permeate every level of government in which they labor to turn the mundane delivery of everyday services into something which services their political agenda.  

What do you think will be next?  An ambassador for global warming? An ambassador for abortions?

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