Pro football is good for your health

Those who follow sports today understand that the sports media are as sissified as the news media.  The result lately has been an unending stream of softcore Marxist articles about the dangers of pro football. I say “Marxist” because the articles and TV features almost inevitably pit manipulative money-grubbing owners against hapless exploited players. Unable to find a serious longitudinal study on player life spans, I decided to do one of my own while watching Utah beat Georgetown, still my least favorite team, in the NCAA round of 32. To do my study, I selected a team with high media exposure in the hope that the players’ biographical data would be more accessible.  I chose an era as much like the modern one as possible but far enough in the past to provide useful numbers. The team I chose was the New York football Giants from 1960.  I found useful data on 34 of the Giants players and compared their statistics to those of the average male...(Read Full Post)