Guess who has concerns about the Iran nuclear deal, too?

Let's add a couple of parties to those having concerns with President Obama's nuclear negotiations.

First, the French are taking a tough line:

French diplomats have been publicly pressing the U.S. and other world powers not to give ground on key elements—particularly the speed of lifting U.N. sanctions and the pledge to constrain Iran’s nuclear research work—ahead of the March 31 target.

Paris also appears to be operating on a different diplomatic clock than Washington, arguing that the date is an “artificial” deadline and that global powers should be willing to wait Tehran out for a better deal if necessary.

Over here, we see Democrats adding their names to a letter:

Over 360 members of the House of Representatives, including majorities of both parties, signed a letter notifying the White House that Congress won’t enact permanent sanctions relief for Iran unless representatives are convinced that the terms of the nuclear deal being negotiated will “foreclose any pathway to a bomb.

The White House has no one to blame but itself.

First, they look desperate for a deal, or exactly the wrong tactic when you are dealing with thugs.  In other words, the leaders of Iran need to be convinced beyond any doubt that we will bomb and bomb until we destroy their facilities.   They obviously don't see that attitude in Secretary Kerry's eyes.    My guess is that Sec. Kerry has his eye on a Nobel Peace Prize rather than making a deal that denies Iran the bomb.

Second, the administration's approach toward Congress has finally caught up with them.  There are now Democrats saying "not so fast."   

What if President Obama had called in the congressional leaders?  What if they had put together a working team?  What if President Obama had looked at them and said:  "What does it take for me to get 60 votes in the Senate and a majority in the House?"

President Obama could have then sat down with Iran and said:  "I need this from you or these talks won't fly back home."  Believe it or now, the thugs in Iran understand that kind of firmness a lot better than "hope and change."

Once again, we are seeing the perfect storm that is the Obama presidency, a combination of arrogance and unwillingness to listen to someone with a critical point of view.  

The net result is a deal that everyone is very skeptical about.

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