Obama's 9/11 conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theories about 9/11 still flit across the blogosphere like fruit bats after dusk.  For the truthers, it was an inside job.  The CIA detonated explosives planted in the buildings earlier in the year, with a little help from Dick Cheney and Louis Freeh.  Many in the Arab world, along with American neo-Nazis, are convinced that the Israelis were responsible.  Several hundred Jews didn’t show up for work that morning, doncha know, because they’d been warned by Mossad.  For Barack Obama, it’s the Russians who are to blame – specifically, Nicolai Chernyshevsky.  He was the founder of Nihilism, and the nineteen terrorists were all nihilists, according to the president in his 2004 introduction to Dreams From My Father, written years before he was considered a presidential contender. In one of the more accurate statements in the book, the narrator writes of September 11, “It’s beyond my skill as a writer to...(Read Full Post)