Gordon Brown makes strong argument for Britain to leave EU

Gordon Brown is a former prime minister of Great Britain from the Labour Party.  He penned an editorial in the Guardian telling people why Britain should stay in the European Union.  But his argument does just the opposite.

Being half-in half-out, a Britain that is semi-detached and disengaged – the Britain of the empty chair even when we are in the room – has made us weaker than ever: irrelevant on Greece, fringe player on climate change, mere spectator in the debate that could have shaped a European pro-growth policy, marginal on Ukraine, with ministers sounding ludicrous as simultaneously they say “Russia must be confronted with a more united Europe” and “By the way, we are thinking of leaving”.

Let's take these one at a time:

1) Irrelevant on Greece.  It would be great if Britain were irrelevant on Greece.  That means it wouldn't be a part of an EU, which has spent billions of taxpayer euros propping up the socialist paradise in Greece.  I think British taxpayers would be delighted not to have their money spent on this.

2) Fringe player on climate change.  So if Britain left the EU, it wouldn't be subjected to punishing energy taxes?  Pack your bags!

3) "Being a mere spectator in the debate that could have shaped a European pro-growth policy."  Don't know what this means.  There hasn't been sustained economic growth in Europe in many years.  "Pro-growth" policy is often code for more government deficit spending.

4) Marginal on Ukraine.  What is Europe doing about Ukraine right now?  Nothing.  Great Britain can do nothing on its own, too.

Britain pays 2.7 billion pounds to the EU every year and gets nothing in return, except being subject to job-killing regulations and being required to accept more and more illegal aliens, many of them radical Muslims who have created "no-go" zones in parts of London and Manchester and other cities.  Britain should leave, and Gordon Brown has unwittingly just made the case for it.

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of Newsmachete.com, the conservative news site.

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