Left-wing Hillaphobia

The left wing has a habit of claiming that the moral convictions of people of traditional values are phobic anxiety disorders.  Progressive ethical reasoning only goes up to the floor marked mental disorder and doesn't make it to the landing of religiously informed morality.  So when someone disagrees with their beliefs, they psychodiagnose a mental disorder.  Ironically, the left wing's desertion of Hillary Clinton, now that it is finally time for her to assume the throne, may actually encompass an unconscious anxiety issue.

In the interminable passion play that is the Clinton dynasty, Bill is the figure of redemption and resurrection, but Hillary never actually rose from the ashes of the '90s as did her charismatic hubby.  She still carries an aura of the long-suffering scorned wife with a guilty husband.  Nothing is more anxiogenic to the unconscious of the progressive than the possibility that anything could ever be morally unacceptable.  The only thing they have to moralize against is morality itself.  Not only in her schoolmarmish ways and projected severity, but in the role she plays in the Clinton saga, Hillary represents a trace memory of guilt.  Worst of all, it is guilt over blameworthy sexual behavior.  And to the hook-up generation who don't remember the '90s but also don't remember any moral code at all, Hillary comes across as a crone party-pooper.

A foremost purpose of the left for the last sixty years has been the hydra-headed pro-sexuality revolution.  The misunderstanding of the Godful place of sex in life has harmed every aspect of American life.  From redefining the youngest human beings into disposable objects to a cultural obsession with sexual variance and deviance, the theme of the left is that no one should ever feel guilty about sex, period.  Clinton's presidency will always be associated with his reckless abuse of women and the new vulgarity it brought to American culture.  But President Clinton had the personal magnetism and psychopathic bravado to deliver his famous finger-poking denial.  Hillary, on the other hand, shrilly invokes blame: "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

The liberal-progressive movement and their accomplice press were happy to rehabilitate Bill and even grateful to the resurrected rogue, because they had just thrown the Judeo-Christian moral code into the blender and pushed the puree button.  But they will never tolerate a cackling nag.

Hillary embodies the least pelvic and therefore most boring form of feminism.  Her vibe is old-school "Betty Friedan/Smith College yes we uppity gals can rock a Chanel pantsuit in the boardroom" generation.  That generation of feminists preceded sexual liberation and was accused of not being any fun.  No fun, no Democrat nomination

The left-wing establishment will accept a former secretary of state who intentionally left an ambassador undefended to be raped, dragged through the streets, and murdered, and who then provided a preposterous rationalization that aligned her with the murderers.  The Dems are all, like, totally no problem with the Benghazi thing.  But Hillaphobia might just polish her off.  Not only doesn't she look presidential, but unlike Bill and Barack, she doesn't look or feel hip and permissive.