Cuba leading anti-Obama Attacks

Back in the days of "we are the change we've been waiting for", we were told that a new President Obama would improve our standing in the world. In other words, voting for McCain or Romney would make us unpopular.

It turns out that these people were right: I voted for McCain and then Romney and everybody is in an uproar with the U.S.

Whatever happened to the Obama charm? I'd guess that it met reality!

According to news reports, Latin America is angry at the U.S. because the Obama administration is targeting key players in the Maduro government:

Latin American leaders have rallied around embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as relations between Washington and Caracas have plunged to a new low.

Governments from Havana to Buenos Aires have denounced Mr. Obama’s executive order labeling Venezuela as a national security threat as unwelcome U.S. meddling in regional affairs.

Analysts say the move may do little to improve the volatile situation in Venezuela and could well worsen it.

Here are a couple of thoughts:

First, this is just another example of Latin American leaders playing the "gringo card" to distract locals from a murder in Argentina, corruption in Brazil, a president acting like a dictator in Ecuador and a Mexican left still angry about reforms to public education and energy.

Second, this is a good lesson for the "yes we can screamers" who thought that you could change the world with a smile and bouquet of red roses.  In fact, nothing has changed. The Latin America left hated Bush because he was the president of the U.S. So now they hate Obama because he's the president of the U.S.

Third, where is the evidence that Cuba is changing since we decided to sit down with the Castro regime?  Cuba is out front denouncing the U.S..

Again, the Obama people were right. I voted for McCain and Romney and we are more unpopular than ever.   

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