Ferguson officers ambushed; Obama tweets and jets off to California for Kimmel show

Almost 12 hours  after 2 Ferguson police officers were ambushed outside their headquarters building, President Obama finally roused himself to respond to the attack.  He didn't go to the East Room to address reporters.  He didn't have a Rose Garden press conference.  His PR flacks didn't even release a statement.

Instead, the president took to Twitter to tell us how sorry he was about the whole thing and to remind us that cops are part of the problem.

I really don't think his referring to "justice" in the context of the targeting of these police officers is appropriate.  The entire thrust of his administration regarding "justice" has been to blame cops for their racist attitudes and actions.  Throwing "justice" into the mix when commenting on a police shooting is a gratuitous slap at all police.

Greta Van Susteren was appalled:

While I agree with his sentiment, I was hoping for more than a tweet. Less than 140 characters! Are you kidding? That is stunning to me.

Another shooting in the very town, where race is a simmering issue and where African Americans and police are on edge, and the best President Obama can do before he jumps on Air Force One for California -- where he is doing Jimmy Kimmel's show and a fundraiser  --  is tweet!

White House spokesman Eric Schultz did comment on the shootings during an off-camera press gaggle aboard Air Force One. But it would have been nice if the president had taken a few minutes to at least speak to the reporters himself!

In times of crisis, it is the president's job to be the "Consoler-in-Chief" and a leader. Well, Mr. President, less than 140 characters doesn't cut it!

Here's some other reaction to the ambush on Twitter – at least some that are printable:

Certainly not all protestors share these sentiments.  But enough of them do that police should be very worried that copycats don't spring up all over the country in the next few days.

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