What if Illegal Aliens were all White People?

What if illegal aliens were all white people, from Europe? And what if George W. Bush were still president, and wanted to give them all amnesty? How do you think Democrats and the media would react? "Bush is giving these illegals white privilege by moving them to the head of the line in front of legal immigrants with brown and black skin," Chris Matthews would declare. "These people come to our country and take jobs away from hardworking citizens, especially minorities who are most heavily hit by this," so Nancy Pelosi would speak. "The President is acting unconstitutionally and is risking impeachment by his actions, just like President Reagan did when he armed the Contras in Nicaragua," this from Harry Reid. "We need to hold televised hearings, a lot of them, to find out exactly what happened and determine if impeachment is appropriate." The media would pound away day after day with the fact that Bush is favoring...(Read Full Post)