Why Feminists want to be Dominated

Have you ever wondered why feminist groups have been silent on the new movie, 50 Shades of Grey? In the movie, a young woman is spanked, whipped, degraded, has objects inserted into her bottom, and is treated like a subservient sexual object. Feminist groups have been screaming for years about sexual harassment and the poor treatment of women. Why are they silent about this film?

And here's another data point. Why have feminist groups been silent about Islam's treatment of women? (Note here I am not talking merely about radical Islam. I mean mainstream Islam as it is practiced across the Middle East). In many Islamic countries it is the norm for most women to have their clitorises removed so they won't feel sexual pleasure. In many Islamic countries women are forced to cover up their body to varying degrees, sometimes including even the eyes, going from head to toe in black or else risk a beating. In many Muslim countries it is routine for husbands to beat their wives. When women accuse men of rape, it is often the women who are punished. Women are routinely discriminated against for jobs and some countries they are not even allowed outside the home without a male relative (like Saudi Arabia). And of course, women are not allowed to vote in many Islamic countries, are forced into multiple wife harems, and in some countries it is routine to be married off as young as the age of 9.

But feminist groups never complain about any of this. In fact, radical Islam holds a certain kind of attraction for leftist women. American Rachel Corrie felt the burning need to help the poor, but for some reason was most attracted to the Gaza strip, ruled by the terrorist group HAMAS which treats dogs better than women. Fellow American Kayla Mueller also wanted to help refugees, but of all the refugees in the world she could help, she found herself irresistibly attracted to areas of Syria ruled by the Islamic State. When she was taken captive she released a note, which, as you would expect of any hostage, praised her captors, but also went over the top in saying they treated her with the "utmost respect and kindness" and that she had even been "gaining weight" on the wonderful food they had been giving her! It was also reported that she had been "forced" into marrying one of her captors and was given relatively free run of the area she was held in.

So why are leftist women so attracted to radical Islam? Doesn't that conflict with their feminism?

I think the only answer possible is that feminists want to be dominated. That's why they flock to see 50 Shades of Grey, where a woman is treated like a sex slave. That's why they flock to Gaza and Syria to become sex slaves to a local mullah. What other possible reason could there be?

Feminists have a lot of anger in them. The normal American male reaction to women with a lot of anger is to stay away from them. Perhaps in order to get guys to dominate them, they either have to watch movies like 50 Shades of Grey to live the fantasy, or go to an Islamic  country where they know men won't take no for an answer the way American men will.

That, I think, is what defines a feminist, a secret burning sexual need to be dominated by men who will not ask for consent. That explains why they are so unhappy with American society and why they seek fulfillment outside of it.

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of Newsmachete.com, the conservative news site. While leftist ladies are silent on the atrocities committed against women in the Middle East, they are going full steam ahead against sexist internet companies!