Bill Bennett should know better!

Bill Bennett and Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, had a short debate about Common Core education programs on Fox News Sunday.  Bennett, like his fellow Common Core supporter, Jeb Bush, is very smart, but he makes the same mistake on Common Core that smart college students make when trying to defend “true” Marxism.  Their arguments center on stated ideals, stated intent, and stated expected final results, not on what actually happens with these government programs or forms of government. Mr. Bennett seems to trust the government bureaucrats and the education establishment who will eventually run these programs.  But many conservatives, with history on their side and with their knowledge of human nature’s effect on power and politics, incentives, and bureaucracy, do not. Also, Mr. Bennett makes a straw-man argument to ridicule his opponents – that his opponents believe that Common Core requires teaching of Islamic radicalism and reading all of...(Read Full Post)