Expensive 'Stand with Hillary' video reveals her desperation

Several people who sent me the video embedded below, from the Hillary for President campaign that is not yet officially a campaign, warned me I might barf.  But actually, I found it quite interesting in a number of respects and, upon analysis, comforting. If you have just eaten or are so averse to the former co-president that you can’t bear to click play, basically it is a three-minute-and-23-second commercial with a country song about Hillary, showing pickup trucks (it really reminded me in places of the Chevy truck “like a rock” commercials), lots and lots of white people (what happened to “diversity”?), lyrics calling her a “great lady” and a “loving wife,” excuses like “hindsight is always right” and allusions to smashing glass ceilings, and over and over again the refrain “Stand with Hillary” and for variety, “stand up with Hillary.” A few reactions: This was not a cheap...(Read Full Post)