State Department mouthpiece Psaki caught on hot mic admitting her talking point is 'ridiculous'

Jen Psaki had a very tough day Thursday, having to spout evasive blather.  Nothing unusual in that, of course, but AP reporter Matt Lee tried extra-hard to pin her down about the U.S. reaction to Egypt’s decision to clear former President Hosni Mubarak of murder.

There is nothing to be gained in expressing an opinion.  He was a dictator, and he probably did have people offed, but then he was overthrown (with tacit Obama support), the Muslim Brotherhood took over, and they were overthrown, and now Egypt has a military regime that likes Mubarak better than the Moobs.  Having gotten America into a helluva mess before, the opportunity to do harm outweighs any benefit of expressing an opinion.

After she repeatedly mouthed non-answers, the TV lights dimmed, and Psaki thought the session was over.  But the podium microphone was still live, feeding audio, and caught her admission to Lee that her talking point was “ridiculous.”  The Free Beacon summarizes the exchange:

“Generally, we continue to believe that upholding impartial standards of accountability will advance the political consensus on which Egypt’s long-term stability and economic growth depends,” Psaki said.

Lee was astonished at the response, and took the opportunity to point out that the answer was meaningless.

“Wow, I don’t understand that at all,” Lee said. “What you said says nothing. It’s like saying, ‘we support the right of people to breathe.’”

Psaki decline[d] to give any further comment to any reporters during the briefing. However, as the lights dimmed, Psaki was exasperated and told Lee how she really felt, not realizing her microphone was still on.

“That Egypt line is ridiculous,” Psaki said.

Lee can be heard laughing loudly right before the audio feed is cut off.

See for yourself:

Psaki has always been over her head in her role at State.  But I confess I enjoy her candor here.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky