Expensive 'Stand with Hillary' video reveals her desperation

Several people who sent me the video embedded below, from the Hillary for President campaign that is not yet officially a campaign, warned me I might barf.  But actually, I found it quite interesting in a number of respects and, upon analysis, comforting.

If you have just eaten or are so averse to the former co-president that you can’t bear to click play, basically it is a three-minute-and-23-second commercial with a country song about Hillary, showing pickup trucks (it really reminded me in places of the Chevy truck “like a rock” commercials), lots and lots of white people (what happened to “diversity”?), lyrics calling her a “great lady” and a “loving wife,” excuses like “hindsight is always right” and allusions to smashing glass ceilings, and over and over again the refrain “Stand with Hillary” and for variety, “stand up with Hillary.”

A few reactions:

  1. This was not a cheap production.  It shows us that Hillary has money to burn.  Estimates are that she will raise 2 billion dollars for her campaign, and that is so much that she can afford an endless stream of advertising.  She is already well-known to every sentient being on the continent, so there is a real danger of wearing out her welcome in the next 23 months.
  2. This video reveals that Hillary knows that she has a big problem with white working-class voters, especially males.  The Democratic Party has allied itself so heavily with minorities as its base that that white working class, formerly a bastion of Democrat strength, is getting the message that it is expendable.  A video like this and other brand management techniques are unlikely to work much magic.
  3. The video demonstrates that Hillary is going to focus on image to the exclusion of substance.  That’s understandable, because the substance of her tenure as secretary of state is execrable.  Her “reset” with Russia is a joke, substantively and symbolically as well, offering a mistranslated “reset button” (which was based on a Staples Office Supply TV commercial in the first place).  The Middle East is in crisis, and worsening by the day. And Benghazi, despite the best efforts of departing Congressman Mike Rogers, is a scandal that will not go away.
  4. The video was wisely posted to YouTube by the copyright owners who do not allow comments.  I guess they know what would be headed their way.

AT mainstay Jeannie DeAngelis comments that “Stand with Hillary” is particularly inappropriate, since “four dead Americans in Benghazi wont get to stand with her or anyone else.”

Here it is: