Circling the wagons with a vengeance at Marquette University

In an American Thinker article last month, I drew attention to a philosophy instructor at Marquette University who had imposed a moratorium on class discussion of issues such as same-sex marriage, gun rights, and capital punishment on grounds that “we all agree on this.”  When a student objected that he had a right to express dissenting views on the first of these issues, the instructor told him, “If you don’t like it, you are more than free to drop this class.”  I urged the philosophy department head, Dr. Nancy Snow, to dismiss the instructor for unprofessional behavior and later sent her a link to the article by e-mail. Reading the headlines Thursday morning, I learned that Marquette University had indeed taken disciplinary action – no, not against the dictatorial philosophy instructor, Cheryl Abbate, but rather, against a tenured political science professor, Dr. John McAdams, for defending the student who objected to Abbate’s...(Read Full Post)