Christmas Day race violence that didn't make the national media

The left-wing racial agitators have been working overtime to exploit every incident involving fatalities and injuries to black perpetrators, and it is having some effect.  In Oakland, California, where a dedicated cohort of a couple of hundred hard leftists use any opportunity to violently demonstrate, a Christmas Day outburst of violence saw windows smashed and the city’s Christmas tree vandalized.  Joel Pollak of Breitbart writes: The protest was called “No Time Off,” in defiance of the holiday: “The idea is to give no time off to police in the context of racial discrimination and state violence happening every day,” one demonstrator told the local NBC News affiliate. Activists from “Occupy Oakland” called the anti-police protests the “Best Xmas party of the year,” but for police forced to control dozens of violent protestors, it was anything but. Likewise for a photojournalist who...(Read Full Post)