NY judge frees two cop haters without bail in two days

Two thugs who made explicit threats against police – including a gang member – were released from custody by a New York judge, despite high bail recommendations by prosecutors.

One perp physically assaulted officers and threatened to track them down and kill them.

New York Daily News:

A day after freeing a gang member who posted an anti-cop death threat online, a Brooklyn judge ignored the admonishment of a court boss — and sprung a man who allegedly punched a police officer and threatened to kill his colleagues, The Post has learned.

Criminal Court Judge Laura Johnson blatantly disregarded an Office of Court Administration boss who said she “should be setting an example to the public that threatening or assaulting police officers isn’t an acceptable thing,” a courthouse source said.

The admonishment came in the wake of Saturday’s execution-style slayings of two NYPD cops as they sat in a patrol car in Brooklyn.

“The court administrator told her she exercised poor judgment, and that she had a case on later that night, and that she should exercise better judgment in that case,” the source said.

“It was a stern conversation,” the source added. “And she totally ignored it.”

On Tuesday night, Johnson released Travis Maye, 26, without bail following his arrest in a violent melee with cops earlier that day.

According to court records, Maye took swings at cops at Flatbush Avenue and Prospect Place at around 1:35 a.m., socking one officer in the eye and sending him to the hospital.

After being pepper-sprayed, stunned with a Taser and put in handcuffs, Maye, 26, ranted at the cops that he would “find out where you live” and “get you,” court papers say.

“You will die!” he allegedly ranted.

Yes, that gentleman certainly deserves leniency, right, judge?

According to a transcript of Maye’s arraignment hearing, prosecutor Tziyonah Langsam asked for $100,000 bail, reciting the threats Maye allegedly made after being subdued.

“Once handcuffed, the defendant yelled, ‘I Googled all of you. Find out where you live. I don’t know about dead cops or your families. I will meet you in a bodega and get you. You will die,’ ” Langsam said.

Johnson, however, sided with defense lawyer Adam Lubow.

Johnson said the incident “appears to have been an extraordinarily emotion-laden and hectic situation,” adding that it would be “wrong” to impose bail “because of the current climate.”

“I would have unquestionably released Mr. Maye a week ago without even thinking about it,” she noted.

Johnson later cut off Langsam when she attempted to argue that Maye had injured several cops and interfered with the EMTs trying to help his brother.

“I will hear no more,” Johnson declared.

Cops reacted with fury, with a police source saying: “She’s totally out to lunch.”

What's the matter with you people?  Don't you realize it's Christmas?  And showing goodwill toward men means releasing violent thugs back on to the streets of New York and giving them the opportunity to carry out their threats to murder policemen.

Any doubt where this judge's sympathy lies?

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