Robespierre Beheaded by His Mobs, Again: Now it's Bill Maher

The reign of politically correct terror continues unchecked.  Now Bill Maher is being potentially blocked from speaking at UC Berkeley.  As Jezebel’s Rebecca Rose reports here, students at the famous haven of leftism are up in arms that a maverick icon of the left, a high-rolling financer of Obama’s re-election campaign, has been extended an opportunity to speak there. Even though Bill Maher is one of the most faithful lapdogs of the political left, he has less than 100% obedience ratings when it comes to Islam.  Maher criticizes the religion by referring unapologetically to the many, many, many instances of violence that are tied to Islamic doctrine around the world. The left does not just want allies anymore. They want blindly submissive subjects to ignore all the contradictions in liberal orthodoxy and parrot back platitudes like “love makes a family” and “religion of peace” all day. Here is what Rose says: The...(Read Full Post)