Mary Landrieu shows her true colors

Well, folks, the real Mary Landrieu stood up during an interview caught on video.  When a reporter asked incumbent Democratic Sen. Landrieu why Obama was not doing well in Louisiana, Landrieu attributed it to her Southern state being racist, sexist, and conservative. 

While Landrieu's old-school stereotypical assumption that the South is racist sent shockwaves throughout the South, I was most offended by Landrieu furthering the Democrats' lie that conservative equals racist and sexist.

As a black conservative who is extremely active in the Tea Party, which is dominated by conservatives, it has been my experience that conservatives tend to view all Americans as equals.  We do not pander or expect less of people due to their race.  This is why we fight the Democrats'/Obama administration’s pattern of choosing whether or not to enforce laws based on race, gender, and political leanings.

White liberal Democrats like Mary Landrieu automatically see Americans as beneath them; divided into inferior victimized groups in need of their superior intellect, lowered expectations, and government-mandated behavior.  They tell you what your kids will be allowed to eat for lunch in school.  They work to force you to drive little deathtrap cars to limit your carbon footprint while they travel in big limos and private jets.  They want your home thermostat kept at a mandated temperature while they live in massive mansions.

And, this has always been a pet peeve of mine.  Liberals (Democrats) have argued that urban artists who deface businesses and public buildings should be tolerated because they are merely expressing the urban experience.  Fine.  Why don't these understanding liberal Democrats allow these street artists into their gated communities to express themselves on the outside walls of their homes?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black: liberal Democrats like Mary Landrieu tend to be obsessed with race.  Upon showing up at an event, business, and so on, the first thing liberal Democrats tend to do is count minority faces.  If their quota of minority representation is not met, they deem the situation racist.

Conservatives simply do not do that.  I like hanging around conservatives because they do not treat me with the liberal Democrats' you-poor-black-thing condescending attitude.  Nor are conservatives obsessed with counting the number of black faces in the room.  Liberal Democrats are all about surface appearances, void of substance.

Here is a prime example of what I am talking about.  Libs have used the lack of blacks at Tea Parties as proof that the movement is racist.  Having spoken and sung my “American Tea Party Anthem” at over four hundred rallies, I have yet to see a “Whites Only” sign.

It is not the fault of the Tea Party that blacks are not attending in large numbers.  Along with many blacks placing racial loyalty to Obama above common sense, I submit that the lack of black attendance is due to Democrats and the liberal MSM telling blacks that they may be in danger of getting lynched at a Tea Party.  I am not exaggerating, folks.  A Congressional Black Caucus member said the Tea Party wants to see blacks hung from trees.

FYI: Conservatives at Tea Party rallies would never tolerate racism from the stage.  And I have not seen it while walking through or mingling with the audiences.  Keep in mind, I am a black man who has participated in over 400 Tea Party rallies.

Landrieu in essence calling her constituents a bunch of racist and sexist rednecks is a pretty strong, I'm-better-than-the-folks-I-represent slap in the face to Louisiana voters.

Louisiana voters have an opportunity to replace Landrieu with a senator who does not have a condescending view of his fellow Louisianans – one who's proud to be an American and conservative.  His name is retired Col. Rob Maness.

Spoken like a true Louisianan, in a campaign ad, Maness told voters that dealing with alligators in Louisiana taught him how to deal with the alligators in Washington, D.C.  That does not sound like a candidate who is ashamed of where he came from.

I heard a great interview with Col. Maness on the Andrea Shea King radio show.  After the interview, the honorable Elizabeth Letchworth, former U.S. Senate secretary, said Maness sounded very senatorial and emanated strong leadership.  This is not surprising, considering that Col Maness was awarded the Bronze Star for Leadership.

Mary Landrieu got caught on video being who she truly is: another arrogant Obama sycophant who thinks she is more sophisticated and enlightened than us common folks.

Col. Rob Maness is a We the People kind of guy.  Louisiana patriots, I trust you to make the right choice about who will best serve you among those alligators in Washington, D.C.